What are Documents Involved in Closing Documents of Cash Buyer?

While a homeowner wants to sell a property and a buyer wants to purchase a house, both parties require a lot of documents irrespective of the process. These documents will verify that the property is legal and you are the only owner of that property because there are some cases in which people get involved in scam cases or have illegal documents. For verification of documents, both parties should have a lawyer who will maintain the authenticity of the documents, and for more information, they can visit this website https://www.atticushomebuyers.com/we-buy-houses-milwaukee/.

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List of Documents in Closing Documents

Here are some important documents that need to be there with you while completing the entire process of house selling:

  1. Finalize Closing Instructions

Some sellers might not sign the closing instructions at the early stages but in this last step, they need to sign the closing instructions right now. In normal cases, sellers sign the closing instructions documents when they are opening your escrow account. In this document, it is mentioned that your escrow company will be solely responsible for completing the entire deal.

  1. Statement of Information

In this statement of information documents, it will make sure that you are the same person who is claiming to be the actual seller, otherwise, someone else will complete the deal on your behalf.

  1. HUD-1 Settlement Statement

One of the most important documents when someone is selling or buying a property is the HUD-1 settlement statement as it will include all the information which are involved in the entire sale process. It will be important for you while paying the taxes and make sure you check all the details twice before finalizing it.

  1. Certificate of Title and Title Deed

A certificate of Title is a document that will verify that the seller has complete authority to sell the property to anyone while Title deed documents will help in officially changing the ownership of the property to the buyer. This is not the final verdict until the courthouse records the entire document.

These are a few documents but some more documents we require to complete the sale are loan payoff statement, mechanics lien, bill of sale, and statement of closing cost to finalize the entire selling process of the house.

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